Who We Are

Grow, Learn and Earn

Uponor is a big company. But our size – a little over 4,000 employees in over 30 countries – doesn’t mean you get lost in the crowd. We’re an honest, caring crew. Once hired, we want you to stay, thrive, be happy. Need proof?

Create Exciting Solutions

Yes, exciting is how we view our work and amazing growth. We manufacture crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing – the highways that deliver water, heating and cooling in homes and businesses. Over 15 billion feet of PEX tubing is installed worldwide. That’s enough to wrap around the earth 114 times!

What is PEX tubing?

PEX piping is the behind-the-scenes solution for plumbing and piping projects. It’s in the radiant heating and cooling systems that melt snow and keep us comfortably warm and cool. Fire sprinkler systems use PEX piping to save lives and property. Better yet, our products are fast and easy to install, conserve water and energy, and perform for decades.

Who We Hire

We welcome applicants with these qualities:

  • Eager to join a growing, innovative company that offers challenging work in a fun, friendly, workplace.
  • Excited to learn – self-driven, yet open to employer-provided training and collaboration.
  • Expect a respectable wage and reliable rewards for hard work and dedication.
  • Ready to foster a kind, caring environment where we have each other’s backs.
  • Care about our planet and efforts to protect it for future generations.
  • Follow safety standards that protect you, coworkers and the community.
  • Celebrate the good that comes from diversity and differences.
  • Seek specialized, multi-tasking jobs. For example,our manufacturing employees take ownership of responsibilities, especially quality control.